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A tiny crack on a flat surface; a crooked portion in a straight line; a faded area in the middle of a solid colour; a rough spot on a smooth surface - mother nature teaches us to be perfectly imperfect! No two leaves are identical, no two stems are similar, no two steams have the same flow and no two mountains look alike. Yet, there is nothing more soothing, calming and beautiful than nature. The beauty lies in its variation, diversity, fallibility and asymmetry. These differences, oddities, and quirks makes each piece unique, special and beautiful!

Inspired by the nartues true nature, we have created 'Saatvik' - a brand that borrows these pieces from nature and brings them to you in their puret form. The word 'Saatvik' derives its attributes from the Sanskrit word 'Sattva', which donates purity, life-giving and goodness. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually, it signifies the state of absolute peace and tranquility.

All these qualities and virtues have come together to form the sould of the brand Saatvik. And every product we make, every peice we bring, every word we say, every relationship that we share is 'Saatvik' to the core. So, when you bring home a 'Saatvik', you let nature make your home, its abode!